At David Davis, we provide a variety of options for you to pay your invoice.

We acknowledge that paying your legal bill in one can sometimes be a daunting prospect. So we provide options to pay by instalments. Likewise, some clients simply want to pay the invoice and finalise the matter immediately.

Whatever your situation, we’re sure we’ve got a payment option for you.

RapidPay Payment Options

RapidPay is a financial service provider to the Australian legal industry. It provides clients of law firms with secure, flexible payment options to suit their varying needs and cash flow.

At David Davis, we know you want to be able to choose how and when you pay your legal bills and that’s why we’ve engaged RapidPay.

RapidPay payment details are on all our invoices.

All payments using the RapidPay system attract a surcharge.

RapidPay – Pay by Instalments

Using RapidPay provides you with the option to choose your invoice periods. You can elect to pay your invoices by fortnightly or monthly instalments.

If your invoice qualifies for RapidPay by instalments, you will find the “sign up” option on our invoice

RapidPay – Pay by the Month

This payment option is exclusively for our clients who hold an ABN. If you hold an ABN, then you can choose to spread out the payment of your larger legal invoices into smaller payments over a 12 month period.

RapidPay BPay & Credit Card

RapidPay also provides you with options to pay via BPay or “Click to Pay” via credit card. This allows you to choose the option that best suits you.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

This provides convenience for you to simply transfer the invoice funds from your bank to David Davis. There are no additional fees from David Davis for this payment option.

It’s important, if you use the EFT option, you enter your matter number as the reference for your payment. Your matter number will be shown as your reference on your invoice.

EFT details can be found on your invoice.

If you cannot locate the EFT details, please email us.


Although cash is not our preferred option, it is available. It is only recommended for smaller invoice amounts.

Cash payment can only be made at our office and by agreement.

As we do not hold any cash in our office, to pay by cash you must have the correct amount.

If you have any queries about your invoice or your payment options, please feel free to contact us to discuss.