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Buying and selling residential or commercial property is usually an exciting time. But it’s also often an unfamiliar or complex transaction and it’s important to ensure you choose your conveyancing partner well.

At David Davis, we’ve been providing conveyancing services for a very long time and we’d be delighted to walk you through the process.

For many people, property purchase is one of the highest value decisions and transactions they’ll ever make in their lifetime. So why wouldn’t you want to ensure that your property transactions are handled diligently and professionally?

Securing the sale or purchase of a new home or investment property is an important legal process which can have many traps and pitfalls. We offer a safe, convenient and stress-free way to buy or sell properties with our conveyancing lawyers and staff. When transitioning ownership of a home, apartment, off-the-plan or commercial property, it is important to have someone who is on your side, knowledgeable, proactive and ensures due diligence.  At David Davis, we don’t take any short-cuts.

We review up to 3 Contracts of Sale and s. 32 Vendor Statements FREE of charge so long as David Davis & Associates is engaged to provide your conveyancing services











That's right. We will do these reviews at no charge to you so long as David Davis is engaged to provide your conveyancing services.

Normally a contract and s.32 review is $300 per contract. We're proud to say, this isn’t a promotion; this is part of our all-day, everyday service.

Over the phone initial information and obligation-free quotes

If you contact us over the phone, we can explain to you how the conveyancing process works.

We can also provide you with an obligation free quote, along with advice about any potential extra costs to account for.  We provide ongoing advice before, during and after the exchange of Contracts. We communicate directly with the other party’s legal team and the incoming and outgoing mortgagees to ensure that everyone is on the same page and all expectations are clear and well defined in readiness for your property settlement.

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The digital age for conveyancing has arrived

We are ready for the age of electronic conveyancing which was fully activated in Victoria in October 2018. Our property team are well placed to do all conveyancing matters electronically including:

  • Transfer of land (Sale & Purchase);
  • Transfers of love affection (between spouses);
  • Caveats and caveat withdrawals;
  • Discharge of mortgages;
  • Applications by surviving proprietor; and
  • Applications by legal personal representatives.

There are enough things to worry about when buying or selling a home or commercial property.  At David Davis, we provide conveyancing services Melbourne and Victorian residents trust. Our lawyers act on your conveyance so that if problems do arise then your matter can be resolved by our team and not passed on to a new firm.

PEXA Agents

We do agency work for solicitors and law firms who are not familiar with, or do not use, the PEXA property transactions system.

We’ve been using PEXA practically since it was available and we’re confident we can assist you with your property transactions.

Discover more about how can we assist you as agents for PEXA property transactions.

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